Tagzgen App

Tagzgen is a Instagram posting app is for those who want to organize their Instagram posts in a simple database, which allows the user to duplicate tags, lookup tags, and overall make posting faster. For some example posts, please visit my Instagram.

You may also visit the Tagzgen Instagram for examples of posts.

This solution runs on the FilemakerGo app, which is available on the iTunes store (free).

  1. Download the FilemakerGo app.
  2. Click to download the solution Рopen in your iPhone FilemakerGo: tagzgen
  3. The solution is designed for iPhone X, and layout may not fit properly for other iPhones.
  4. The solution is in beta, and unsupported. This is a free version.
  5. For any comments, please email greg@tagzgen.com

Overall Goals: When I first joined Instagram, the biggest hassle was trying to form good looking, informative, and intuitive captions, # tags, @’s, comments, and follow-up posts. Many times I’d find myself posting similar captions with similar tags, and found that the actions posting were duplicative, and a waste of time. What I needed was a simple app to organize posts. This way I could see which posts, and captions would deliver more followers, views, and commments.

History: Knowing that Filemaker has a easy way to build a database app, I started working on a simple database that would allow me to form a caption quickly and efficiently. I started using the app when I went to Switzerland in the fall of 2018. The most rudimentary form of the app allowed me to quickly caption and tag posts, even while flying in a chartered helicopter around the Matterhorn, and to the Buergenstock Resort. To extend functionality, I enhanced the tag searching routine, and ultimately sought to have some variety in initial posts, and then follow-up comment tag posts. The version you see now is still basic, but increases your post efficiency by leaps-and-bounds, while allowing you to gauge post effectiveness with a variety of tags, and tag formatting (i.e. all 30 tags in the caption, or spreading out in comments).

Home screen. Allows you to enter caption text, @’s, and some data into brackets. If no data in brackets, they will not appear in post.
tagzgen format
Home Screen: top text for caption, brackets for detail data and @’s, then top three hashtags, then up to three tag areas to copy and paste tags. You can set the comments for 9 or 27 tags.
You have three primary areas to copy and paste hashtags. If you only want one caption post with one set of tags (up to 30), then just enter top three tags, then tags in the top tag area. Click on the C to copy the well-formed caption post and paste into your Instagram post. If you want, you can post a caption without an initial set of tags, then copy and paste up to three sets of tags separately using the C button.
tagzgen tags
Tags: Allows you to maintain a separate database of tags, to organize used tags, and most effective tags. Mix and match. Copy and paste into tags area on Home, or go direct to comments in your Instagram post. Will not copy more than 30. Note: If you post more than 30 tags in your Instagram post, it will be rejected by IG, and more than likely, you’ll end up in a penalty box.
tagzgen lookup
Tag Lookup: Allows you to enter in a web URL for tag searching, go to that URL, and then you can copy tags and paste into your tag section of the app.
tagzgen signs
Signs: Allows you to enter text and paste in a image, which allows you to add a watermark, website, or text. Then just take a screen shot and save to your photos, edit image and crop, and then upload into IG.