Tagzgen User Experience Strategy: IG like a Dyson

Tagzgen User Experience Strategy:  IG Like A Dyson

PDF Download: 20181231-tagzgen-post-caption-comment-tag-like-a-boss

Date: 12/31/2018

Vacuum Up the Competition

Often wonder how to get in the Top likes on Instagram ? Try lots of trial-and-error, and you’ll learn the ways. I use the law of 3’s. I use Tagzgen app to prepare my post, hashtags, and then follow-up comment hashtags – all posted virtually simultaneously. I also do follow-up tags in comments, while leaving the post unedited. That way you don’t have to edit the post to get additional followers, likes, or comments to engage and maintain freshness.

Study high impact posts and see what engages comments, do something similar. 

Structure: While you’re limited to 30 hashtags (#), and 5 mentions (@) per post, I’ve found creative ways to initiate and engage views and freshness. Spend some time on your caption and three top hashtags, then divide comment hashtags as described below.

Most important is to develop good content, and they will follow. Don’t copy images, be original. 


Tertiary Posting: A algorithm post concept I’m developing, that uses three #’s in the Caption, then up to 27 tags in Comments, which can be updated.

Structure: Make a whimsical caption, and try to engage viewers. Be original. 

Dynamic: Look at popular posts, and try using their hashtags. Post in comments (not to exceed 30 total in post). After initial post, I’ve deleted and added new Comments with new tags, to add followers and views, it works.

Tags: Try to pick hashtags with less then 100k followers, or your post will be buried quickly with low views. While popular tags seem intuitive (to reach the biggest audience), it’s actually counterproductive (your post will probably never get seen).

Hashtag Development

Post Caption Hashtag: Pick and post the top three tags, that you want to be on the Top or most recent. Save additional tags for below the post caption (in the comments), which can be deleted and updated. Don’t repeat tags in the same post/comments. More hashtags get more engagement and viewers.

Comment 1st Set: 7 tags. Subject: noun (i.e. yacht, superyacht, jet, gulfstreamjet, privatejet).

Comment 2nd Set: 7 tags. Action: verb (i.e. flying, sailing, motoring, jetskiiing, party, motion).

Comment 3rd Set: 7 tags. Description: adjective (i.e. fantastic, partyallnight, sippingchampage, mood, crazy).


Instagram had its engineers study and determine that the average attention span is 60 seconds or less. If it works well for them, try to implement it with your post. Attract and engage. Crafting is more of an art, than science. Posting structure is more science than art.

Hierarchy: In that 60 seconds, try to review history of why something is, and your resolution.

Updating Hashtags in Comments: Comments can be deleted and new ones added (not to exceed total 30). Some say replacing hashtags will post at same time as original post, but that’s not what I’ve seen, they seem to refresh post to current time.



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