Tagzgen User Experience Strategy: Reduce Digital Pollution

Tagzgen User Experience Strategy:  Reduce Digital Pollution

PDF Download: 20181202-tagzgen-reduce-digital-pollution

Date: 12/02/2018

Author: Greg G

Digital Pollution

Reducing your digital pollution makes for a better user experience, and the more likely you’ll have a revisiting user that results in brand loyalty.

In a CBS news article, “Cutting Through the Clutter,” it was estimated that we’ve gone from being exposed from 500 ads in the 1970’s to over 5,000 per day (in 2006). The StopAd Blog estimates that the average Facebook user is shown one ad every two minutes. 

If you frequent InstaGram, then you’ll have noticed that almost 4th post is now a sponsored ad.

So how do you reduce the clutter ? Develop a strategy that makes your view linger on your site, by removing annoying ads, and focus on one ad (if any at all). A better strategy is to sell or promote one specific thing. There’s a good chance that your viewer will respond if you have good content.


Pop-Ups: There’s nothing worse than when your viewing a page, and everything stops for a pop-up. Don’t use them.

What works ? AdWords. Simple text advertising that is nonintrusive to the user. If someone likes to follow, they’ll do it freely, not forced.

Spammy Ads: Try to avoid more than one ad per page. The shotgun method only confuses the viewer, and most likely will send them away quickly.

User Experience

Sharing: If you have a good post, image, or web-page, it will be shared. You can make it easier with one link, where the most popular shares go, but don’t list 10 links, that float on the page following you around like a homesick dog.

Clean Up: Reducing the digital clutter and confusion on a page, will result in more time and engagement on that page. Don’t have a add after every single sentence or bullet point.

Lists: Organize your content, and remember that your viewer has limited attention span. Make it worthwhile and deliver your message with a stunning image, or a bullet point list.


Experience: There’s no a hack for experience. Research and study what popular posts have in common, and copy them. Better yet, combine them into your own clever strategy to engage the user.

Questions: If you’re going to pose a question, make it original. 

Study: Research the psychology of engaging your audience. First identify which age group you are targeting, then hone in on that group and what inspires them. Then craft a message and keep it interesting. Focus on promoting or selling one thing.



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